Windows on your Mac

Install Windows on your Mac

Do you have an Apple desktop or laptop, such as a MacBook Pro or Mac stationary, and you want to install Windows on it?
It's not a problem anymore. you can install Windows on your Mac.
You've come to the right place. we have a computer clue. Windows can be installed on your Mac.,
And the advantage is that the original Macintosh operating system remains the same.

What are the benefits of installing Windows on a Mac?

There are certain benefits you can enjoy after installing Windows on your Mac.,
The first advantage is that you can enjoy two operating systems on the same computer.,
On the one hand, you can enjoy a great Apple operating system that gives you performance.
And unique software only for Macintosh computer, and on the other hand you can enjoy Windows system which
Offering to install programs that are only suitable for Windows, here's how you get the two worlds.
This is a great advantage of installing Windows on a Macintosh computer.

Windows on your Mac
Windows on your Mac

Does the computer burden you with installing the Mac and Windows operating system?

No. it is not weighing on our computer to install 2 operating systems on your Mac.,
The reason is that we choose the operating system.,
For example, we chose our Mac computer to go up with windows, so right now the operating system
The only one that runs on the computer is windows, and that's not how the computer overloads.,
And of course you can only choose to come up with a Mac operating system and the performance of the computer will not be affected.

Do we need Mac technology to install the Windows operating system on our Mac?

If you have a basic knowledge of computer and Windows operating system installation then you can.
Mac, what you need to do is do it first.
Buy the operating system you want to install, computers made by 2014.
You can install all types of operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Only WIN10 can be installed on computers released after 2014. we are talking about the installation of the operating system.
Through software installed on your Mac called Boot Camp, Apple has released an application
You can install Windows system without third-party software.

Apple Inc. with new computers there is no disk so you need to download the operating system to a flash drive and through
USB flash drive for Windows software installation. this is one installer that you can use.
Install another operating system on our Mac, the second option is to install another operating system
On our computer, it is through a third-party program called Perls.
Working on both operating systems at the same time, you don't need to do reboots to replace the system.
Running, but the big drawback of the program is that it divides the computer's resources into two parts, the processor divides
For two, the memory is divided into two, the screen card is divided into two, and the hard drive, which means the performance of the computer
It will be significantly less good when both operating systems are running, so before installation
Two operating systems on your Mac, see which one is more appropriate for your computer if you have a computer.
A Mac whose performance isn't particularly strong, choose the boot camp option if you have a strong computer.
And you have no problem dividing it into two parts.installation of pearlies system can be a good option for you.

What is the cost of installing Windows on a Mac?

The cost of installing the operating system. Windows on Mac costs 350 shekels.
That includes installing Windows on a Mac,including installing Mac drabers, as well as all the options to increase lighting and reduce through the keyboard and more….
Installing Windows on a Mac also includes installing an antivirus on your computer, nothing but
Installing OPIS or any other software or other driver will cost an additional 50 shekels
Install 2 $ 70 programs and install 3 programs. 100 shekels, price-total tax and cost.
Settings will not put Windows on a MacBook Pro, or install Windows on a Mac island.

How long does it take to install and does it include delivering the computer to the lab?
The time it takes to install Windows on a Mac depends a lot on the computer itself. and in its specifications, a powerful computer can be installed.
After 40 minutes and 30 minutes, the drabers will be installed, and a relatively weak computer can take an hour.
And in 30 minutes to set the draber,
Windows on a Mac computer on request.
Repair and request that the computer be taken and returned the next day. there is such option. the price is the same as when repairing on the spot.

Does installing Windows on a Mac include the original Windows license?

The answer is not the price of 350 shekels it is the price only for installing windows on a Mac computer If you want to perform the motivation for the product
After installation, the product must be purchased and placed the product key that you received after purchase, after installation the computer comes with
Windows is installed, but not motivation for Windows.

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